Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sorry i've been MIA

Hey guys,
Sorry i've been super busy and on vacation so I haven't had a chance to post lately so hopefully this will make up for it!
Last week was pretty relaxed with school, which was good because the last couple of weeks have been absolute torture with all the tests and projects that have been due. On Friday our Fall Break started and we were out of school until Wednesday. It was a much needed break and I spent time with Ryan and friends and family.

Friday: Well after school Ryan and I left for Austin to hang out with friends and his brother and his wife. Our directions were wrong (of course) so it took us a lot longer to get there than we thought. Once we got there we hung out with his friends and we then went to dinner at a restaurant on Lake Travis called Oasis. The view was so pretty because the sun was setting and we sat outside on the patio.
Isn't the view beautiful??
While waiting for our table we went to the third floor that had a Beatles cover band performing and it was an open area for dancing. I wanted to dance but Ryan refuses every time and says he doesn't dance. (Any ideas how to make a guy dance with you??) They had some really pretty lights and I want to do something like that with our patio next spring.
You can kinda see the band in the bottom right. :)

I don't really know how to make something like this on a patio, but maybe i'll have some better ideas by the spring time.

I just liked these lights, they made everything look really pretty at night. This is over the entrance. So if you live the the Austin area then you need to go to this place. My food wasn't spectacular but it was decent and the view and atmosphere was beautiful!

Kinda blurry but of well!!
After dinner I left and spent some time with my best friend Erica in Austin. She goes to UT and lives in an apartment so we hung out and went to some parties. I had a lot of fun!

Saturday: We woke up and had a feast at the house we were staying at. That kept us full until late Saturday night. We began to drive back to Dallas and then decided that we would go see my sister and her husband (Lori and Jon) who live in Oklahoma City. That was a long six hour drive and I don't want to have to drive that again! The day was pretty much filled with driving so once we got there we relaxed and had dinner.

Downtown Dallas!

The Ball in Dallas. (it's much prettier at night)

American Airlines Center

Sunday: We went to Buffalo Wild Wings and had lunch and after that my sister and I went to her Junior League fundraiser called Mistletoe Market. It was filled with little sections of boutiques that had clothes, food, jewelry, home goods, and especially holiday decorations. I got a scarf, black cardigan, and cute blueish top. I love to shop! For dinner we had yummy steaks and baked sweet potatoes. MMMMM!

Lori and Jon's attempt at getting the dogs to take a picture. :)

Me and Jake at Jon's Moms house.

Monday: We didn't have any plans so we lounged around, went to lunch at Chili's and shopped at the mall. For dinner we had baked parmesan and breadcrumb tilapia with pasta and okra and tomatoes. Overall I had a really fun weekend and do not want to go back to school tomorrow!

Thanks for reading!

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Looks like you had a great time! I loved Dallas when I visited. Your newest follower from the Tuesday Tag Along!~Lisa

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