Saturday, October 16, 2010

Blog Challenge: Day 5 and 6

I missed yesterday so I'm catching up today!
Day 5: My siblings

I have 2 beautiful sisters and we are often called "The Golden Girls" because our last name is Golden. :) 
The pictures are us throughout the years and the top one is the most recent from August. I love having sisters and can't even imagine having brothers instead. We can talk to eachvother about anything and know that we will support each other. I am the baby of the family so I had 2 sisters before me to have the typical "mess ups" that I was supposed to learn from. :) By the time I was the only one in the house my parents were very laid back and hardly cared about anything, I think I got the good end of the deal! 

The Older sister Lori:

Lori and her husband Jon

Lori is eight years older than me but we still have a very close relationship. Lori went the Oklahoma State University for elementary education and met her husband Jon. She no longer teaches and now works for the Oklahoma State capitol for one of the House of Representatives. He husband, Jon, is a chiropractor and has his own practice in Oklahoma. Growing up we never fought and I'm sure I was just the cute little sister because my other sister would fight and want to follow her and her friends around. I try to visit as much as I can but school and life gets in the way sometimes. I think I look most like Lori and I don't mind because I look up to her in so many ways.

The Middle Sister Meredith:
Taken 3 years ago but is still my favorite picture

Typical Carmen and Meredith fighting. I always loose. :(

Meredith is 13 months older than me so we grew up doing everything together. I would love to have kids that are so close in age but that is crazy to have one after another. We both go to SMU and currently live together in an apartment until the end of the month when our lease is up. We do fight but usually act like best friends. I enjoy her company even when she gets on my nerves. :) Meredith is a perfectionist and she wont leave a project along until it is perfectly finished. She used to dye my hair and it was like an art project for her! Because I was the youngest I was expected to follow in my sisters footsteps but I branched out and did my own thing eventually and I'm glad that I did. 

I love my sisters so much and I hope I can have 2 girls so they can share the bond like I did. 

My cat basically my brother:

Kito is my cat that lives with my parents. We found him when I was 7 and he is still her today at 13 or 14. We grew up with Kito and I love him so so much. I don't know what i'll do when something happens to him. I want a cat of my own once I get into my new house so I can build a new bond with a pet. Kito likes to play with paper and strings and those spider rings you get for Halloween, we call them "pideys".

Day 6: A picture that makes me happy

I'm going to pick 2 pictures because I can't choose between them. :)
This picture is from my sisters wedding in August of 2007. This is me and Ryan dancing, he is singing the song to me and I'm smiling and looking at him. I think my face shows the emotions that I have for him. I look really short but I'm really not, Ryan is just 6'4 maybe taller with shoes on.. I even have on heels. :)

This picture is from our vacation this summer. We are in California on Catalina Island at the top of the Wrigley Memorial. This is a candid picture and I love it. Every time I look at this picture it reminds me of the amazing trip and I wish I could go back in time and enjoy it more.

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Katie K. said...

Such beautiful sisters! it sounds like you all have such a great relationship! I also love the pictures of you and Ryan!