Sunday, October 3, 2010

Games and more!

Hey everyone,

Well I have had a fun filled weekend and still have homework to do for tomorrow but I would rather be on here. :)
These past two weeks have been crazy for school, 2 tests last week and 1 test this week, plus I had two papers due last Friday! I swear they are trying to kill me slowly. But on the bright side this coming week look like it will be a pretty easy week and then I have Fall Break! Whoo-hoo!! Besides the craziness I have been busy this weekend doing lots of errands and having fun.

On Saturday we had to pick up my ring from Tiffany's because it was being resized (and cleaned!!!) and then I got to pick out my birthday present! My birthday was September 9th but we have been so busy and haven't been able to get to the mall and this was the first chance we've had.
From the Paloma Picasso collection.
Me with the new necklace!!
Ignore my ugly hand but my clean ring!!
It actually fits now! Yay!

After that we finally got to pick up our table that we ordered for the new house. Unfortunately they ordered the wrong color and so we decided just to take the one they got rather than waiting and then not getting anything. I liked the dark color best anyways but it didn't match the cabinets. So hopefully we will be able to refinish the cabinets and then everything will look perfect! My little nephew Gavin went with us to the furniture store because we had to borrow their SUV to get the table home so here are some cute pics of me and him!

He wasn't too thrilled about the picture!
Ready to go to the furniture store!
Does anyone know anything about refinishing cabinets and how much work/money it would cost? I want to do it ourselves but i don't know how hard it would be...

After getting the table we had to rush off to the Ranger game with Ryan's brother and wife since they invited us and got us some tickets. :) It was free and a good form of entertainment! They won their game so that was exciting too!

Before the game started.

People getting excited.
The dugout for the opposing team.

Me and Ryan

Kyle and Kaily

They scored!!!

The Dallas Cowboys stadium at night.

The lamp posts at the Ballpark.
For today, Sunday, I went to hang out with my parents and I went shopping with my mom! I got 2 pairs of jeans from Express and I scored a really good deal on them!! I love bargain shopping! Well I hope you enjoyed my picture filled post. I sure had a good time this weekend and thought you would want to see it documented with pictures. Until next time!

Love, Carmen

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