Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Hey my lovely followers!

I'm linking up with Jamie again for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving that we have had two snow days in a row because of all the ice. The only downside is that I can't get down the driveway to even try to go somewhere because it's covered in 2 inches of ice... :(

I'm loving that despite the cold i've still been working out and am trying this Biggest Loser DVD. I'll let you know how it goes, it sure does make me sweat though.

It looks silly but its beneficial.
I'm loving that Ryan is now off until Sunday since he worked late yesterday. He works 12 hr shifts Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and then a half day on Wednesday usually and then is off the rest of the week. He decided that instead of trying to bear the ice today twice then he would work late so he wouln't have to go in today. :)

I'm loving that I'm getting caught up on all my shows because i've been off of school. I watch entirely too many shows so it's hard to stay up to date!

I'm loving that I made a cinnamon swirl cheesecake on Saturday and I've been having a small slice after dinner everyday now. :) But i'm not loving that it kinda burnt because it was the first time I made it in the house oven opposed to the oven from the apartment and i've learned that they very in temperature and cook time..... 

This is what it is supposed to look like (How it has looked in the past)

I'm NOT loving that I have a cold and a man cough because of this freezing weather. It is currently 16 degrees outside... and I think my cold is just getting worse.

I'm loving these yummy pudding cups that are cinnamon roll flavor. They don't taste like they are sugar free and they only have 60 calories! 
I'm always loving my fur babies!

And I'm always loving my wonderful boyfriend. :)

August 2007. :) We look so young!


Heather said...

Oh wow. I am getting the Cinnamon roll pudding tonight! It sounds delcious!

Melanie Mueller said...

I am in Texas too. No snow day yet but they are saying maybe Friday. I have my fingers crossed.=) You will have to share your cheesecake recipe because it sounds so good. You and your boyfriend are an adorable couple!! Ohhh to be young again. Just kidding. I am not THAT old. ;)

Kit said...

You are loving some great things :)

Megan said...

Ummmm, YUMMMMMM to cheesecake!! You are amazing for making that!!!

Meredith said...

Make me a cheesecake! Did you make the sugar free version?

Cait said...

aww loving some great things girl :) love everything you posted!! cheesecake = double love!