Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's Tuesday!

Hey lovely ladies,

I don't think I have liked up with Taylor in a while so I wanted to join in on the fun. This post is special to me because my parents are my inspiration and I hope to one day be like them in so many ways.

It's ok that i'm like my mom

Because all of you have not met me or my mom it is hard to explain but we are exactly alike. We may not look that similar but all of my manerisms are just like hers. My oldest sister is also like my mom a lot but not nearly as much as me. It just proves that I was meant to be. :) My other sister and I are only 13 months apart and needless to say I was not a planned addition, which my sisters love to point out. haha. But, I think it's God saying that my parents needed that 3rd girl so I could be just like my mom. I don't really mind being like my mom and I think she is really funny so it is ok that people compare us so frequently. One big difference though is that she will talk to anyone and everyone no matter where she goes and I will NOT do that. I am pretty shy around people I don't know.

At my high school graduation. (These pictures are old!)

Thanksgiving this year.

Being silly a couple of years ago. :)
(Mere, Me, Mom, Lori)

It's ok to be different
and also ok to quit something you don't LOVE.

Ok so this isn't the normal "be yourself" situation i'm talking about here, I'm referring to the fact that they didn't expect me to be just like my sisters. As much as I looked up to them there were certain things that I liked to do and things that I didn't like to do. For instance, both of my sisters were on drill team (a dance team not with guns! ) and so I decided I would try out too and see if I liked it. Keep in mind that my dancing skills are not like theirs and I had never tried to dance, like this, in my life. I grew up playing soccer not doing dance recitals, which I can't believe I ever even played soccer now. haha. Anyways, I made it and was on the team and didn't really enjoy it. My best friends were on the team too but it just wasn't something I loved doing. So I wanted to quit and they ended up letting me. They weren't the parents that told me I had to stick it out and finish since it was my senior year and all. I am so grateful that they didn't make me stay in there, I would have been miserable because this took up so much time and effort, which is fine if you loved it but I didn't. Even though my sisters loved dancing I preferred singing. I tried out for our elite show choir of 5 girls and 5 guys and made it! My senior year was spent singing and doing something I love and not dancing with drill team. I have never regretted my decision and I don't think I ever will.

Me and my sister when I was a sophomore.

In my uniform.

After our first spring show and Mere's last
(Erica, Me, Alyssa, Mere)

Before my spring show with my show choir group. All miked up and ready to go!
(I loved our head microphones, we had a specific one assigned to us all year)

So that's that. I hope you enjoyed my walk down memory lane. I'm sure my parents will teach me more life lessons that I will pass down to my children whenever that time may come!



Mallory said...

Love your answers! Great post! :)

Megan said...

Great advice! Love the dance outfit pictures!