Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Fun.


I would like to start out by saying hello to my new followers!! I'm so excited that you are here! I literally get so excited when I see my numbers growing. I keep this blog private, pretty much, to everyone that I know so it's hard getting followers when you don't have any "real life" friends or family in the blogging world. So thank you for deciding to follow me!

Anyways, I am excited that it is Friday and the end of my first week back at school. I am excited that tomorrow I get to sleep in and not have to sit in HORRIBLE traffic for over an hour. I am not used to traffic because my classes usually would start later, but this semester I wanted to get done earlier and so I have to go earlier.

I have got through a week of working out and "dieting" and I feel so much better about myself. I feel like my clothes fit better already, which seems crazy to me. For my workout I go running, but to be honest I mostly walk and then run in intervals. I am not in shape so I can't run the whole time, but I feel good that I am trying. I mean, hey, everyone starts somewhere right?? I also "jump rope" without the rope and that helps with cardio, I do crunches, pushups, bike riding in the air (air cycling), and this other workout that I saw on a TV show. haha.   For my "dieting" I have a banana when i'm at school and then a Slim Fast shake for lunch. For dinner I eat whatever, but of course not fast fatty food, and don't have dessert. I love dessert so it is really hard for me to not have some yummy ice cream. :) I am mainly trying to loose weight for myself but also for my trip that I have planned for Spring Break. If I go to the beach I would love to look good in my swim suit, and currently I would only want to wear a tankini. haha. Is anyone else trying to loose weight? Let me know and we can chat about our progress together.

I wish I could run here!

Yesterday was a sad day for two reasons, I wanted to upgrade my MacBook Pro to the Snow Leopard operating system because I needed it for an eBook that I bought and my hard drive decided it was going to crash and I lost everything that I didn't save. I was so sad and apparently my hard drive was corrupted and that was why I wasn't able to do a back up to my Time Capsule. I luckily backed up my pictures and documents before I did that but i'm still missing my applications that I had added like Microsoft Office. Then to top off that horrible thing my car battery decided it would die too. So we were temporarily stranded at Desirea and Patrick's house last night and Ryan had to drive me to school this morning. By the way my car still wont start so my Dad is gonna look at it tomorrow.

Hopefully today will be much better than yesterday and I hope yall have a fabulous weekend!


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Megan said...

Awww, I'm so sorry that you had a bad day yesterday!! I hope that today was better!!