Monday, January 17, 2011

Another Miscellany Monday

Well I'm back for another miscellany monday with Carissa.

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1. I'm a little sad that it is my last day of freedom before I go back to school tomorrow. I start bright and early (for me) at 9:30. I'm sorta worried about this semester because it seems like it will be very busy and filled with writing and readings every night. I am taking a journalism class for fun to see how I like it and I have to take this english class for a credit I need and am dreading it. Also, school is so stressful and when I get stressed my jaw starts to hurt (random I know). My jaw will start to lock and I can't open it very wide and it throbs so I'm hoping that this will not happen this semester. Apparently there is nothing to fix this problem besides surgery, and if it only happens occasionally or when I'm stressed then I will opt to not have any type of surgery. 

2. My books are so expensive, but I guess that's why I take out student loans. I hate that I will have to pay them back but thats life I guess. Currently my total is around $250 and I haven't finished purchasing books! 


3. This past week we had our first fire in the fireplace at our new home! Ryan attempted to start it and finally after like 20 min he got it going. We sat by the fire and played a board game because we were tired of watching TV and we didn't want to go anywhere. Belle was very intrigued by the fire and she got as close as we would let her, I was scared she was going to jump in!

Belle creepin on the fire. HAHA

Enjoying the warm fire in PJs.

I couldn't resist taking pictures with Belle. :) After all she is like my child.

4. Another fun thing we did this week was making chicken wings for dinner! My dad makes the BEST chicken wings ever and I decided I would try it out. We had hot wings and sweet and sour wings with sweet potato fries. It wasn't a very healthy dinner, but it sure was good.

Sweet and Sour Sauce

Hot sauce!

Frying in the FryDaddy, thanks Mere!

Baking in the oven. Yes, this is a long process but so worth it!

Sweet Potato Fries! Yum!

Let me know if you would like the recipe and directions! I promise you wont be disappointed.

5. And last but not least I went running today and started my "diet" yesterday. I said I wanted to loose weight as a new years resolution HERE so I'm gonna try and stick to it. I will confess that I walked most of the way and ran in intervals because I am not in shape enough to run the whole time. But, at least i'm trying and tomorrow I may take Cali with me. Wish me luck!

That's all I have for today but come back and visit soon, I love new followers!


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