Sunday, September 26, 2010

Busy Week!

Hello all,
Sorry I've been missing for a while, but I've been so busy with school and house stuff. I guess I'll recap this week since i've last blogged.

Wednesday: Went to class and was busy studying for my Business Statistics test that was on Thursday. When I got home I was informed, after much negotiation, that our offer was accepted and we have a house! We close on the 21st of October and I'm so super excited. I spent the rest of the week looking at room designs online and searching for furniture for the new place.

Thursday: I had a test and I'm pretty sure I aced it! I was worried that I wouldn't do well in this class because I hadn't taken a math course since my junior year in high school but I was able to catch up and learn pretty fast. This was my first test of the new semester so I had a little test anxiety as well. At night I had an initiation meeting with a group I joined at school. The group is called Phi Sigma Pi and it is a national honor fraternity. I never joined greek life on my campus so I thought this would be a good way to make friends but also learn a lot about service and scholarship. I have an eight week initiation course and then we will be the founding class at SMU! I'm excited about all the activities we will do, and being on the fundraising committee I will be able to have a good impact on the things we do.
I would like to point out though that I am not an OFFICIAL member until after I complete my 8 week course. :)

Friday: I went to school again and had another test, this time in advertising. I think I did pretty good on it but I have to wait and see the final grade before I get too excited. On Friday night SMU played TCU for the Iron Skillet and unfortunately they lost but I think put up a good fight, after all, TCU is a pretty good team and SMU isn't really the best. :) I still rooted on my team, PONY UP!!!
For dinner I went to Cheddars with Ryan and his sister, Desirea and her husband Patrick and we had happy hour, but the server didn't inform us that the drinks we got were not on happy hour so we spent too much on them but oh well. Live a little sometimes, right? I love Cheddars because the food is good and they are priced really well. Afterwards we went to Pet Smart and looked at the cats because I want one so bad! I'm gonna get one in the new house!!!

Saturday: Since our offer was accepted we are now under contract and could have an inspection done on the house. We went to the house and the inspector took us around to the little things that needed to be fixed, but overall the house is in really good shape so there was not much to go over or to worry about! Thank God! After that we found this discount furniture store and bought a table that looks similar to this:
It may actually be this I'm just not sure if it is the exact one. I like it because it is tall and it will fit in the eat-in-kitchen really well. It is also a bonus that we got a really good deal on it! I love bargain shopping! After the furniture shopping we had dinner at Desirea and Patrick's house and it was really good. We had a Honey Baked Ham, green beans, corn, biscuits, and mashed potatoes. For dessert I made my famous Apple Crisp and it was just as delicious as always. To round up the day, I watched some shows I needed to catch up on, Grey's Anatomy and Glee. They always make me in a better mood. 

Today: I had a much needed lazy day and did homework and watched my guilty pleasure, The Real Housewives of DC. I love all the Real Housewives shows besides Atlanta because I just don't find that one entertaining. I'm going to finish up tonight with more homework and a trip to the grocery store. 

That's about it so I'll talk to you guys later!
Love, Carmen.

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