Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Good afternoon ladies!!
I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather if you live in the Dallas area! I'm wearing shorts and it feels great!

I'm linking up with Jamie today to share my loves for the week!

I'm loving that we had a reunion for my drill team at the show for this year and my bestie came into town for it! We have a spring show every year and this year it was the 20th anniversary of our team so all the alumni was invited to the show and a tea. My bestie Erica that goes to the University of Texas drove down to see it!!

Some of my high school friends!

Me and my sister Meredith! This picture has weird lighting.

Yay! I love them so much!

I'm loving these shoes that I bought for the show!!

They are Guess wedges from DSW. :)

I'm loving the new Bravo show Pregnant in Heels.

It is so funny and those women are crazy!! I don't really know why I decided to add ANOTHER show to the thousands that I already watch but that's ok!

I also love that United States of Tara is back on. If you don't know that show you should definitely watch it. The show is about a woman with multiple personalities, but it is on Showtime so it is kinda vulgar at times. 

I'm loving that I finally got to register for my classes for next semester! It is so stressful and i'm glad it is over, at least for another semester.

I'm always loving Ryan and my pets!

I would like to go back here please!

Belle eating stupid grass and Cali and her black spotted tongue. :)

Have a lovely day!!



Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog

IrishPrincess said...

love your shoes AND dress! looking forward to reading more!

Kandice said...

i was reading this post of yours {i love 'what i love wednesday' posts!} and became immediately distracted when i saw your shoes!! holy mama those are sooo cute! they look really great with that dress too :)