Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Top Two Tuesday

Good morning!

I'm linking up today again for Top 2 Tuesday with Taylor!

I decided I will do both alcoholic and everyday drinks because I don't really drink anything besides water most of the time.
Alcoholic Drinks
Strawberry Daiquiri 

Yum!! If I can make a yummy drink at home I would choose to make this one. I can usually only have about 2 because they are so sweet and filling. I sure do love them though.

Vodka Sprite

If I could get drinks at a bar or restaurant I would choose this one. I don't like beer or wine because I don't like the taste of alcohol yet so I choose to get these. I know that I will get used to the taste eventually but for now I can't stand it!


If I have any sort of soda it would be Sprite. I don't really like to drink caffeine because I don't want to get reliant on it, same reason I don't want to start to drink coffee. 

But most often I just drink water!!

We usually buy Ozarka brand water. They seem to have the most durable bottles and the labels don't rip off like the Kroger brand waters. 


On another note, look how cute my pets are!

I decided to let  Belle out with Cali if it is nice outside but I am scared she will run away so I only let her on the patio if i'm out there with her. Cali loves that Belle is out there with her!

Kisses! :)

Have a good week!



KSK said...

awe! I love doggies and kitties getting along! So cute!


Savanah said...

My cat LOVES to go outside too. I let him on the front porch, but only if I stand right with him. He mainly likes to eat the monkey grass. HAHA

Kandice said...

i mostly drink water as well and have somehow never heard of a vodka sprite!

as for your pets! ah your dog and cat are TOO CUTE for words! posts {and animals} like these make me miss having my two retrievers from when i was little. i haven't had a pet in so long and i miss their companionship