Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Time!

Hey lovelies!!

I'm am excited to say that this is my 50th post! It just seems like a milestone for me!
I have been out of the blogging world for a while and I'm sorry for that but hopefully i'm back and will be able to post regularly. :)

Lately I have been busy with school and my sister's baby shower and a high school dance show reunion thing. School is almost over!! I have about 4 weeks left including finals so I am getting excited about finishing for the semester and then I have summer! I am debating whether or not I want to have a summer job because my sister lives 3 hours away from me and so whenever the baby comes I want to be able to go up the immediately and stay for a little bit after they get settled at home. Any ideas about what I could do that might be lenient? Keep in mind that I will NEVER wait tables again. I did that once for about a year and although it was good money, it was way too stressful and people are just rude about their food! 

Last weekend we went up to visit my sister and her husband and she had a baby shower with so many people! She got so many good things and I'm sure she can't wait to use them on the baby. I want to get things monogramed but they wont tell us the name so we have to wait until baby boy is born to do any of that sort of thing. I was in charge of photography for the day since Lori was busy but I took everything on her camera and she hasn't sent them to me yet so I only have a couple.

Me, Lori, Meredith

All of the stuff she got!

These cute tissue balls!

The beautiful cake! It was so good too!

They had people sign the diapers with funny things so when she uses them she would laugh.

Her invitation in a frame

A cute diaper cake, i'm making one for her shower in Dallas!

Excited about shoes!

All smiles!!

We had a really good weekend in Oklahoma visiting and seeing the baby room and I was sad to have to leave. I hate that she lives in Oklahoma but her husband has his chiropractic business out there so they will live there probably forever, at least it is only 3 hours away!

When I got back I had so much school work to do! Last week was a week from Hell, I don't know what the professors thought but they are obviously trying to kill me!!

I had 2 projects due Monday for Advertising.
A Journalism test Tuesday and reading and notes for English.
A Psychology Test Wednesday.
Reading and notes for English on Thursday.
And Friday Math homework and a lab...

This is what Belle and Cali thought about me doing my homework!

Yep, she just sat on EVERYTHING I was trying to do because she wanted attention. I swear her and Cali were teaming up on me! haha.

Have a happy Monday and enjoy this beautiful weather!



Lori said...

Your furbabies are so adorable :) They didn't want you to finish your homework!

That baby shower is so cute!

New follower, please stop on by..

Kandice said...

i L O V E that diaper idea!! i've never heard of doing something like that but now, i just might have to copy it; it'll be too hard to pass up at an upcoming baby shower i'm taking part in planning for my sister-in-law!

so glad i found your blog! i was already thinking it was the most adorable thing ever but then i read this post and got all excited all over again! haha