Monday, April 25, 2011

Marvelous Monday`

Hello everyone!!

I hope everyone is having a good day despite the rain we are getting here in DFW! I've had such a good weekend and I was not ready to start back at school but this is my last full week of the semester!! It really has flown by but i'm ready for it to be over.

This weekend my sister and her husband came into town and she had her 2nd baby shower! I had such a good time planning it and getting everything ready for baby boy. He is already so spoiled by everyone! They pretty much got all the necessities for right now and just need to get a couple more things before he is born. She had 7 weeks to go and I can't wait to meet him and find out his name.

Friday we all went to dinner at Houlihans and we shared a bunch of small plates. I had a good time catching up with my sister Lori and feeling the baby move! I forgot to take pictures that night! Oops!

Saturday was Lori's Texas baby shower and i think it turned out really good. We had a slight cowboy theme because we didn't want to go overboard with a theme. I made the cupcakes and the diaper cake and my sister painted her a rocking horse! Lori was so happy and she loves everything. It was a small group of about 25 people so everyone got the chance to talk and catch up on things since Lori doesn't live here anymore and they don't get to see her often.

Me, Mere, Lori and our mom.

Sisters! Can you tell?? haha.

All the hosts! We had so many that we were able to get her the jogging stroller she wanted.

The diaper cake I made!

The rocking horse. The colors match the baby room.

My cupcakes!!

Each color matches the nursery.

We put the flowers in boots so that it would be more of a western theme.

We made Sonic Ocean Water and put orange food coloring with Sprite.

The tulips started opening and they were so pretty.

Me and Mere

There was a fondue station.

And frosted grapes.

And citrus water.

Opening presents.

and again.

Lori and her best friend from high school.

The three of us.

In front of our pool!

After the shower we all went to dinner with the boys and it was so nice outside that we were able to sit on the patio. Too bad it started raining and so we had to go in. The waiter probably thought we were trying to skip out on the check! haha. 

Sunday we all went to church and it was a wonderful service. The choir sang beautifully and it made me realize I want to join a church choir again sometime. I miss singing in a group. We then had a feast after church made by my parents. We had lamb, country ham, roasted potatoes, deviled eggs, spring mix salad with apples, pecans, feta cheese and raspberry vinaigrette dressing. We also had a pickle tray, corn, and rolls. For dessert my mom made a cake and we had lemon bars and cupcakes. It was so delicious!

Lori and Jon

Me and Ryan!

My mom with her girls minus Mere.

My wonderful parents.

The feast!

My sisters!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and remembered why we celebrate this day.

Have a good week!!


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