Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Love

Hey ladies!!

I am excited to share more pictures from my trip with everyone so I decided I would just make it what i'm loving and link up with Jamie! Head over here to link up today!

I'm loved my vacation. It was the perfect amount of time to get away from normal life and relax. I didn't have to worry about school or waking up at any particular time and that alone is worth a lot.

Me and Gavin matched! He loves his auntie!

Being cute!

Sticking out his precious tongue. :)

Ryan at breakfast, we had yummy donuts.

While we were there we went to a LAKERS game because Ryan and his entire family is seriously obsessed with the Lakers. I have to endure all 84ish games a year because he insists he must watch them ALL!

We were posing in front of the Staples Center.

I love this man!

Ryan and his brother Kyle at the ESPN set up outside the stadium.

We stood outside the Ritz that is by the stadium and players would come out and drive to the game. We had no idea that Kobe would show up. Kobe is Ryan's hero so he was really excited to see him that close up. Don't worry he didn't even look our way and was whisked into his Mercedes and drove by himself to the game.

Kyle, Kaily, Ryan, and me.

In our seats waiting for the game to start. They played the Orland Magic and won!

The Star Spangled Banner.

Announcing the Lakers!

It is so pretty at night.

We went to Disneyland on Tuesday and it was tons of fun. I didn't take many pictures because it was so crowded and my camera was in someone else's bag.. :(

Me and Ryan in front of the castle. It's crazy to notice how much smaller this castle is compared to the one at Disney World.

Posing in front of the mountain.

On Wednesday we hung out at Ryan's aunt's best friends house and she had a pretty outdoor space. They had orange trees, lemon trees, avocado trees and all of them were so pretty. We picked an orange off the tree and ate it and it was so good and juicy! I want one right now...

Gavin played with us for the day because his mommy and daddy went back to Disneyland without him. They wanted to do everything without a stroller. haha. He LOVES to jump and so he gets so excited when he is in his jumper.

On Thursday we went to the beach, but it was cold so we didn't get to lay out. I was still glad we went though. We picked many shells and I hope to do something with them soon. Any ideas???

True Love. <3

The birds were giving us a show. They made so many cool shapes and I was glad I got it on camera.

All bundled up at the beach. So ironic!! 

And that is what i'm loving this beautiful wednesday!
It is almost 80 degrees today with a nice breeze!

Thanks for reading!! Next up are the details from the trip!


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