Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm Back!

Hello Lovely Ladies!

I have been gone for a while from this blog but I'm back and hope to keep it that way! In the month that I have been away I have finished my sophomore year of college, took a week long vacation to see my sister and baby Hayden in Oklahoma, got ACCEPTED into my major, finally (I am officially an Advertising major!!!) , watched my sister graduate from college, and lounged around the house without anything to do. During this time I had bloggers block and I couldn't think of things to post about so I hope my blogging mojo is back and I can blog on a more regular basis.

Lets start with being out of school for the summer:
I am so excited that I don't have to wake up for anything special, unless I want to of course. My parents have been bugging me to get a job but I don't know what I want to do. I really love baking so I may look for a part time job in a bakery. The only downside is that I don't know if they want experienced bakers or if they would take someone who is new at this. I mean I know how to bake a cake and the basics of icing a cake with a bag and the tools, but I'm not too familiar with writing on cakes using icing. I may email around to see if anyone needs help in my area. Another downside to working is that my car is temperamental and has been dying on me when I try to start it. My little bug has been into the shop a lot lately to "try" and fix things but so far it seems it is only a little improved. The hard thing about servicing my car is that it is a VW and so being foreign not all shops know how to work on it and if you take it to the dealership the charge you an arm and leg to do any kind of work on it. So here I am $1600 later and my car is semi-fixed..... oh joy!

On a lighter note I was so excited to get to spend a week with my sister and baby Hayden. I can't believe he is now a month old and is growing! I think he is still in premie clothes and diapers so he is still a little guy but he is healthy and so cute! I think the best kinds of vacations sometimes are vacations where you don't have much to really do so you get to relax and enjoy your time away from home. Here are some pictures of the time I was there.

"I Spy!"

So tiny.

He loves his auntie!

My other sister with Hayden.

The new mommy.

In the BOB sunning to help his jaundice.

At the newborn photos.

My granny made him a blanket.

With their rings.

His daddy, Jon, adjusting him at his office.

His favorite place to sleep.

I got a smile!

Me and Lori!

He loves his boppy.

She was back in her pre pregnancy jeans after like 2 weeks. Good genes!

After the bath!

My parents came to visit so he was in his Grandma outfit. :)

My mom with Hayden.

My dad with Hayden.

Their first grandbaby.

My last photo of the trip. :(

I had such a good time on my trip but I won't bore you with anymore pictures in this post! 

Next up, Mere's Graduation!!

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