Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Nephew has arrived!!

Hello everyone!!

I am very excited to announce that my nephew was born yesterday, May 3, in the afternoon at 12:17.

Hayden Paul Nordstrom
5 lbs 2 oz 18in long

Hayden was born 6 weeks early but he is healthy and I guess just wanted to come early. My sister, Lori, started having contractions around 9:30 on Monday night and didn't want to accept that she was in labor. They eventually went to the hospital at 2AM and she was dilated to a 5. They gave her medicine to stop the contractions but they didn't stop and they had to transfer her to another hospital with a better NICU just in case he had any problems, but thankfully there weren't any. When she got to the other hospital she was dilated to an 8 and knew that she was going to have the baby that day. I got the call around 7AM and had class so I couldn't go up there quite yet. She stalled for a while and then they broke her water and she had him naturally with no drugs after pushing for 1.5 hours! It's a miracle that he was so healthy and they only had to keep him in the observation room because he couldn't maintain his own temperature. 

So after my class me and my other sister drove up to Oklahoma and got to meet Hayden! The sucky thing is that I had a final today at 11:30 so we had to get up and drive back home this morning EARLY so I could make it. He decided to come on exam week so I have exams until Monday and even one on Saturday so I can't go back to visit until after that. :(

He is so small that he only fits in Premie clothes! We had to go out and buy some because they didn't expect to have him wear them. My sister is doing really good and she was walking around afterwards and was very active because she wasn't all drugged up. They said they thought that baby Hayden did so good because he didn't have drugs in his system. 

I can't wait to go back in 2 weeks!!

And that's what I'm LOVING today!!


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Kit said...

Congrats on your sweet nephew...he is so cute!!!